• Sneak In a Window (commissioned by Marin Alsop and the Cabrillo Music Festival)
  • Rupture
  • Viral Infection


  • Almost As If All At Once, the Heart Too Heavy (after Beckett)
  • Nonet for Strings
    • Grey Air Timeless 
    •  Verge on Verge
    • The Tears of the World are a Constant Quantity
  • In Memory of Anne, for double string orchestras and string quartet, commissioned by The Crowden School for their 25th anniversary, dedicated to Anne Crowden
  • Leaving Home, for string orchestra (after three paintings by Umberto Boccioni)
    • The Farewell
    • Those Who Go
    • Those Who are Left Behind
  • Team Effort, for chorus (Text by Bob Hicok)
  • Towards the New,  (dedicated to my SOTA students) For 16 strings
    •  Fair Winds and Following Seas
    • Here Be Dragons
    •  Brave New World
  • The Giant is There, for After Everything, String Orchestra (after Wallace Stevens)


Strings (bowed)

  • Invocation, for string quartet, commissioned by the Del Sol Quartet for their 20th anniversary
  • Rising Shine, for string quartet
  • Smeared Black Ink, for string quartet
  • Study of Another's Beauty, for string quartet, written for the Habit Quartet, commissioned by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation)

Strings (plucked)

  • How to Shatter Light (Homage to Benjamin Britten), for Guitar Trio, commissioned by The Mobius Trio


  • Love that Dirty Water, for woodwind quintet, commissioned by The Banff Festival


  • Brush Strokes, for brass quintet
  • Fierce Continual Flame, for brass nonet


  • Dance Like Mad, for Percussion Trio, commissioned by SF Composers Inc.
  • Broken Prayer, for Taiko Ensemble

Mixed Ensemble

  • Now or Now, for 2 guitars and percussion
  • The She-Wolf, (after Jackson Pollock) for variable ensemble
  • Broadway Boogie Woogie, (after Piet Mondrian) for Clarinet, Cello, Bass, Electric guitar, piano, percussion
  • The Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea, (after Mark Rothko) for Flute, Clarinet, violin, cello, bass, electric guitar, keyboard, percussion

Duo (..... 2.....)

  • Flockless, for Soprano and Oboe, Text by Jill Ferguson
  • Elemental, for Soprano and piano, Text by Jill Ferguson
  • Song Cycle, for Soprano and Guitar, written for Matt Denman
    • Nothing Gold Can Stay, (Robert Frost)
    • Hope is the Thing with Feathers (Emily Dickinson)
    • The Summer Day (Mary Oliver)
    • Sonnet 30 (William Shakespeare)
    • Magic (Shel Silverstein)
    • For Tom Shaw S.S.J.E. (Mary Oliver)


  • Amongst Resonant Depths, for bassoon and piano
  • Audible Confection 1, for bassoon and violin
  • Audible Confection 2, for trumpet and clarinet
  • Audible Confection 3, for viola and oboe
  • Bumps and Bubbles, for two pianos
  • I Am Alive, for two pianos, written for Michelle and Christina Naughton
  • Late Walk Home, for trumpet and piano
    • Free Floating Anxiety
    • A Couple Tap Dances in the Rain
  • Toy, for two pianos and toy pianos

Strings (bowed)

  • Frustration, Exhaustion, Tears, and Laughter (after Vonnegut), for solo violin (commissioned by Rick Shinozaki)
  • Insistence, for solo viola, written for Morgan O'Shaughnessey
  • I am Mass and Space, for solo cello, written for Isaac Pastor-Chermak
  • Stations of the Cross, after Barnett Newman, for solo bass, written for Eugéne Thériault


  • I Wasted Time, and Now Doth Time Waste Me (after Shakespeare), for guitar, written for Max Zuckerman, Commissioned by the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society
  • Fantasia, for solo guitar


  • Going Up, for solo flute
  • A Dark and Weary Eye, for solo bassoon, written for Kiel Curtis


  • Declaration, for Piano Left Hand, dedicated to Kelsey Walsh
  • Licking the Shoulder Blade of Maurice Ravel, for solo piano, dedicated and written for Julia Sheriff
  • Soliloquy for John, commissioned by Sarah Cahill on the occasion of John Adams 60th birthday


  • Towards a Higher Cloud, for solo soprano


  • Three Places in the Bay Area, for electronics and film (with Will Yarbrough)

Mobius Trio: Mason Fish, Matthew Holmes-Linder, and Robert Nance. "Mobius Trio is the most inventive and exciting young guitar ensemble today." –Sergio Assad

Charlton Lee, violist with the Del Sol String Quartet, performing Insistence, by Matthew Cmiel.

Alexi Kenney, Concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra, performing Frustration, Exhaustion, Tears and Laughter, by Matthew Cmiel. May 10, 2011