Welcome to the new website! Obviously there are still a number of things that I am putting together and figuring out how to place/organize, but I hope you enjoy and get a slight window into my mind and how I think.

  • LOOK is a compilation of some of my conducting videos from my past 7 years teaching at the San Francisco Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, a public high school dedicated to the arts.
  • LISTEN is a compilation of videos of some of my pieces, as well as a list of available works below, organized by instrumentaion.
  • LEARN is my bio and general information about me.
  • AFTER EVERYTHING is information about the new music organization that I run. This is the most bare bones section as the ensemble was on hiatus for a couple years and is only now coming back.
  • CONTACT is self explanatory.
  • RANT is this blog that you are on! I will talk and share some thoughts and ideas mostly about music here. Some silly, some poorly thought out that I'll disagree with tomorrow, and some that may strive for more than that. Who knows? We shall see.

It is my sincere hope/goal that this site never becomes too stuffy. Please let me know if the stuff factor escalates.  Too much of the world takes itself far too seriously and while this is not a humorous adventure, I will strive to match my own personality in format and content.

If you read this when it is posted, it is currently the season for Pomegranate, and I recommend you eat one.
Matthew Cmiel